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This price didn't give the commercial rights : you are allowed to use the photo(s) on personal websites, social media, or in any capacity that is not for-profit, and you must show the copright of the photographer.


Final delivery :

-Time of wait : 2 weeks- 1 month.

-The edited pictures will be sent through Wetransfert :  Link to download all the images in high resolution in a single process.

- No usb-keys, only wetransfert.

Price non include

-Priority option + 20 % (your digital pictures will be delivered within 7 working days!

-100 % privacy + 50 % (Today, when pretty much everything is on the internet, our clients mostly find us through our website, so it`s very important for us to publish our work regularly. Therefore, you must understand that we like to show our work on our social pages, sometimes submit for contests. In case your photos cannot be published and used for our promotion purposes (website, blog, facebook, instagram) the collection chosen increases by 30%).

-Italy Social security contribution compensation 4% art. 4 D.L. 166/96 of 01.04.1996 4%


-Up to 1 hours coverage
-Delivery of at least 50 high resolution shots with advanced digital development.




-Up to 2 hours coverage
-Delivery of 100 high resolution shots with advanced digital development.



-Up to 3 hours coverage
-Delivery of 150 high resolution shots with advanced digital development.