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Couple Photo Shoot in Venice

couple photoshoot in Venice, Italy.

When traveling with your partner, Venice is the perfect place to get a romantic couple photoshoot done. Gear up for an amazing photoshoot with your loved one and save some beautiful memories in the most perfect and romantic way. Head towards the picturesque Bridges and canals for a memorable photography session. 

How does a portrait photoshoot of couple in Venice happen?

I really recommend you to start the early morning to get a perfect light and not suffer the crowd and the heat.

I you cant, let's choose the lasts hours of the day for a perfect light!

It is important to choose well the place and the moment

Just get dress elegantly, and we meet at Rialto or San Marco square and let's started!

How many photography?

If you asking how many photos do you get, the answear is all the pictures.
It means around  70 pictures each hours you choose for your outdoor engagement shoot.

The photos are post produced and sent two or three weeks after the shooting by email (we transfer) in HD.

Why hiring a professional proposal photographer ?

-Because you  can cherish  that perfect moment forever!

Those photos will become a part of your legacy, your family's story.
-Nobody wants blurry, under-exposed photos of the biggest moment of your lives..
You don't want either to miss  the joy, the tears, the laughs and the kisses of your surprise proposal.
-To share this once-in-a-lifetime moment on social media and receive a million “likes”.
-You will probably overwhelmed with emotions, so much so, that you won’t even be able to remember what happened.
-Aside from your wedding day, one of the greatest memories you will have is when you and your soul mate decide to spend the rest of your lives together.

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