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a maried couple in a wood taxi in front of San Marco Square
Passionate couple sharing a tender moment amidst the captivating beauty of Venice's canals.

Embarking on a Journey of Love: Elope in Venice, The City of Romance

Numerous couples, spellbound by the notion of love, opt for the city that epitomizes romance itself as their idyllic setting to utter the heartfelt "I Do."

A symbolic wedding ceremony, known for its relative ease in planning, opens a world of beautiful locations capture your special moments. From the grandeur of historic churches, breathtaking sights across the cityscape, in the beguiling edifice of Venetian architecture, within the plush interiors of opulent hotels, or simply nestled in the intimate confines of a classic gondola - the options are as endless as they are romantic.

To curate an ambience that mirrors the charm of a fairy-tale, couples often begin their photo session in the late afternoon, as the sun starts its descent. This magic hour bathes Venice in a soft, warm glow, perfect for capturing timeless, radiant moments.

However, those with a spirit of adventure often opt for a sunrise photo session. With the city still asleep, and the first rays of the sun painting the sky, this serene time offers unparalleled solitude for the most intimate captures. The lighting at dawn rivals, and some might argue, surpasses even that at sunset, promising spectacular photographs that are as unique as your love story.
Recognized as a premier elopement photographer based in the captivating city of Venice, I am dedicated to helping couples celebrate their love in a unique, intimate, and unforgettable way.

Venice, with its timeless beauty, winding canals, and romantic allure, serves as more than just a backdrop - it becomes a part of your love story. To ensure that we capture the essence of your relationship and the magic of your elopement in this enchanting city, I offer personalized sessions that highlight your individual love story while meticulously incorporating the alluring beauty of Venice.

In addition to the day of your elopement, I also offer pre-wedding photo sessions throughout Venice. Whether in the iconic San Marco Square, the romantic intimacy of narrow Venetian alleys or on a serene gondola ride, these sessions capture the anticipation and joy leading up to your big day.

As your elopement photographer, expect a boutique experience that cherishes your unique journey and guarantees an effortless, enjoyable process from start to finish. From our first consultation to the final delivery of your beautifully edited photos, I am dedicated to making your Venice elopement an extraordinary and romantic fairy-tale that is every bit as magical as the love story it commemorates. 

To discuss the details of your Venice elopement or pre-wedding photography session, please get in touch. I can't wait to help bring your dream to life.

Cherishing Love in the Heart of Venice: A Personalized Photographic Voyage.

As your photographer, my role extends beyond taking great photos. It's about capturing your love story in a unique, unforgettable way which reflects your personalities and shared journey.

So, the first step always starts with getting to know you. I look into your preferences, favorite poses, comfort level in front of the camera, and most importantly, your vision for the day. This helps me tailor the photo session specifically tailored to your style and desires.

Our journey begins at a majestic location like Ca' Sagredo. The luxurious ambiance, the grand staircases, and the intricate details of the historic palace make it an ideal backdrop for expressive and impactful wedding shots. I focus on capturing the ceremony's meaningful moments, each look, each joyous reaction, and the love you share on this big day.

Alternatively, locations like the verdant Kempinski Garden work as a beautiful contrast with its lush greenery and tranquil spaces, providing a fresh, outdoor vibe to the ceremony pictures.

Once the ceremony pictures are beautifully captured, the magical journey continues in a classic wood taxi sailing along the Grand Canale Grande. This transition offers an opportunity for less formal yet equally enchanting portraits. These canals, brimming with life and energy, lend themselves to candid moments filled with joyful interactions.

A gondola ride offers a more intimate experience. The gentle lull of the gondola, the shimmering waters, and the intricate cityscape add to the romantic atmosphere, making it a perfect setting for taking some tender and emotional photos that highlight your connection.

The next venue in our voyage is the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. With lagoon views and the majestic church as the backdrop, it offers us the perfect palette for creating exquisite portraits that capture your joy and amplifies the love you share.

We then move on to landmarks like the Bovolo Staircase, a hidden gem offering unique architectural charm and a dash of Venice's enchanting mystery. Here, layers of history are intricately woven into your love story, producing striking images that stand out.

Our journey culminates in San Marco Square, where the historic authenticity and vivacious energy of Venice come together. Whether it be dancing under the street lamps, sharing a romantic moment amidst a bustling crowd, or simply holding hands while savoring the enigmatic charm of the city, my goal is to capture your joy and love in the most natural and genuine way.

Each location is carefully chosen, and each photograph clicked, keeping in mind the story of your love I aim to tell. The goal is not just perfection in each shot, but to make sure every image echoes your unique journey of love and commitment, against the stunning tableau that is Venice.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the ideal time frame to book your services?
   It is advisable to reach out and book your dates at least 6 months in advance. However, I do accommodate last-minute requests based on availability.

2. How many images will we receive?
   Depending on the package selected, you will receive between 200-600 fully edited, high-resolution images.

3. What about outfit changes?
   Outfit changes are completely up to you. I suggest bringing outfits that you're comfortable in and that reflect your personal style.

4. Can we choose the locations for the photo session?
   Absolutely! I can definitely suggest beautiful and unique locations around Venice, but it's important that the locations resonate with you as a couple.

5. What's your approach to bad weather?
    Venice can be beautiful in all weathers! Whether it's sunny, cloudy, or even a light drizzle, we can make it work to our advantage to create stunning and dramatic portraits.

6. What happens after the wedding?
    In about 2-8 weeks, you'll receive a link to download and share your images

Begin Your Venice Elopement Journey Today

Feeling the flutter of anticipation? Excited about saying "I Do" amidst the enchanting scenery of Venice? I'm just as excited to hear about your wedding plans and to discuss how together we could bring your wedding dreams to life.

To inquire about availability, packages, or to just say hello, please get in touch using the following contact methods:

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An enchanting portrait of a couple, their love mirrored in the tranquil waters of Venice’s lagoon.

Captured Moments: A Glimpse Into Venice Elopements

A couple hugging on the banks of the Grand Canal in Venice.

Couple shoot in Venice

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