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A priest kissing a bride on the forehead in a church.

As a Venice-based wedding photographer, I am dedicated to capturing the timeless moments of your love story against the enchanting backdrop of Venetian canals and historic architecture. I offer personalized wedding photography packages, ensuring each photo narrates the unique essence of your bond. With my meticulous attention to detail and passion for storytelling through the lens, I am committed to immortalizing your memories with elegance and artistry.

My wedding photography style is natural and artistic. My photographs are filled with feelings and emotion.​ I work intuitively, capturing everything that comes up spontaneously to tell your story. I am dedicated to capturing every beautiful moment of your wedding using open spaces and natural light from the fabulous outdoor locations in Venice.

A boy kneels in front of his lover in front of the Rialto bridge of Venice.

I am your Venice engagement and proposal photographer, capturing the instant when you ask "Will you marry me?" and the joyous celebration that follows. Venice sets the stage for your love story, allowing me to create stunning visuals of your special query and the romantic engagement session that ensues. Picture it: You and your loved one framed by the allure of Venetian streets and canals, a story told in each photo. Embrace the beginning of your forever with an exquisite Venice backdrop, immortalized through my lens. In order to achieve a magical atmosphere, a couple session can start in the late afternoon, allowing the light to stay nice until sunset But the most courageous couple would go for a sunrise photo session where nobody would be around and the light would be even nicer than sunset.

A wedding couple hugging in front of the Grand Canal in Venice.

As a photographer specializing in elopements in the enchanting city of Venice, I offer a service that intimately understands the essence of an elopement. Elopement is about two hearts deciding to break free from traditional ceremonies and choosing a more personal, intimate celebration of their love. My photography captures the spontaneity, the quiet moments, and the exhilarating joy of eloping. I'll guide you through Venice's most scenic spots, ensuring your elopement photos are as deeply personal as the choice you made to elope. Let's immortalize your love story against the backdrop of Venice's timeless beauty. 

An engaged couple in each other's arms sitting in a gondola in Venice.

I'm capturing the essence of companionship and love through couple portraits in the heart of Venice. Imagine wandering the city's enchanting streets and bridges, each corner a testament to your journey together. I specialize in creating captivating visuals that encapsulate your connection against Venice's timeless backdrop. Whether it's a leisurely gondola ride or a quiet moment in a secluded piazza, let me frame your love story in this city of romance. Embrace and cherish these moments forever, captured through my dedicated lens 

You don't need to be engaged to have a portrait shoot for couples where your story is told through pictures.Being in love is all you need...It could happen after you’ve already been married, for your honeymoon or it could be an anniversary session. The number of locations chosen determines the length of sessions, which usually lasts 2 hours. Your clothing choices are a reflection of your style and personalities. 

the best advice for great photos in Venice is to just let things come slowly, giving you time to enjoy each other.

A couple with their little daughter carried in their arms under the arcades of San Marco Square.

Family portraits are a natural way to capture precious moments with those you love most. These moments are memories full of emotions at a specific time and place in your life. I bring to life the irreplaceable charm of family bonds with portraits set in the majestic ambiance of Venice. Here, each photograph becomes a chapter of your shared narrative, celebrating the togetherness amidst Venice's iconic splendor. Picture your loved ones gathered, laughter echoing through the historic alleyways, or serene joy on a sunset-lit canal — these are the moments of unity and affection that define your family's legacy. Let me craft heirlooms of your familial love, all while Venice, the city of enduring elegance, softly whispers its stories into your memories.  

A couple in a wooden taxi standing in front of the whisper bridge.

In the captivating city of Venice, I am enthusiastic about capturing the essence of your symbolic wedding, a serene promise between hearts amidst a dreamscape turned reality. Venice, with its timeless allure and romantic ambiance, provides the perfect canvas for your love story. Picture exchanging your vows with the backdrop of Venetian canals, bridges, and historic charm, turning every moment into a legendary tale of love. It's not just a ceremony; it's a declaration of eternal connection framed within the dreamy hues of Venice. Let me immortalize your "I do" in this enchanting city, making your dream wedding an everlasting memory. Your dream is a symbolic ceremony conducted by a professional officiant, with an hour or more of photography to capture your wedding, plus a few photos after your 'I dos'. I will take pictures of your symbolic ceremony.
At the end of your marriage, you will sign a beautiful certificate as a special memory of your union. A Personal Planner is necessary if you want to add any additional products or services to your wedding day. Contact me for price and availability.


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