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Religious and civil Wedding


Every year, many couples who have decided to choose the most beautiful city in the world to get married comes in Venice, the city of love
Based in Venice Laure Jacquemin offer you services as a professional photographer.
Her work as photographer is to capture your emotions and every detail of this exceptional day.
The greatest care is taken at every stage of your story.

Beautiful living and moving images, derived from magic moments will be precious records for all your live.
Esthete passionate about art, beauty, and human expressions,  Laure Jacquemin value the emotions, contrasts and  play with lights.
She also have experience in the world of beauty, fashion, carnival's, private parties at the heart of the Venetian Palace, tourism and real estate agencies, Venice Film Festival, the America's Cup, Monteverdi Festival of Baroque Music, model photos,..

Religious wedding

The most beautiful church In Venice for your wedding

Type of religious ceremony in Venice

-Catholic ceremony

-Orthodox ceremony

-Protestant ceremony

-Anglican ceremony

-Jewish ceremony


If you choose a  religious venue  for your wedding,  see the most common and beautiful church of the city :


 -St Mark's Basilica                                                        - San Giorgio dei Greci (orthodox)
-Crypt of St Mark’s                                                        - Synagogue Levantina (jewish)
- Church of Redentore Venice                                      -Saint Lazarus Island Armenian Church
- San Pietro di Castello 
- San Rocco 
-Church of San Moisè
-Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli
-Church in Torcello island
-Church of Redentore

Civile wedding in Venice

-Palazzo Cavalli (Town Hall) Venice Italy.
-Sala del Consiglio (Ca' Loredan)
-Sala Cuoi d'Oro (Ca' Vendramin Calergi)

You can finf information (In Italian only..) in the web site of Venezia town hall


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