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A bride lying on the stairs of a Venetian palace seen from above.
Religious and civil Weddings
A priest kissing the forehead of a bride in a church.

Civile wedding in Venice

 I am privileged to witness and document the sacred vows of a Civil Wedding in the resplendent halls of Venice's 16th-century Palazzo Cavalli, overlooking the Grand Canal. Here, amidst the whispers of history, I capture your promises to one another, encapsulating the official and heartwarming essence of civil ceremonies.

Venice's town halls.

While Venice is not as expansive in its civil wedding venues as it is with religious ones, it still offers a variety of stunning palaces that are authorized to hold official civil ceremonies. Here are the primary and some alternative locations:

Palazzo Cavalli (Palazzo dei Duecento) - Overlooking the Grand Canal, this is the primary location for civil marriage ceremonies in Venice.
Ca’ Farsetti - A 13th-century palace, also housing the Venice town hall, is another official venue for civil weddings.
Ca’ Vendramin Calergi - This Renaissance-style palazzo is home to the Venice Casino, and it offers a majestic space for civil ceremonies.
Palazzo Loredan - A historic building in Campo Santo Stefano, it sometimes serves as an elegant venue for civil marriages.
Scuola Grande della Misericordia - A grand hall that can be arranged for a civil ceremony with Venetian flair.
Palazzo Barbarigo - Located on the Grand Canal, this venue offers a tasteful and picturesque setting for civil weddings.

These are the more traditional settings within Venice where you can officially celebrate a civil marriage. Due to Venice's popularity as a wedding destination, some couples choose to have symbolic ceremonies in various other palaces, hotels, and outdoor venues, following or in lieu of the official civil rites. However, these symbolic ceremonies are not legally binding without the civil component.

Religious wedding

In contrast, the solemn majesty of a Religious Wedding calls me to the venerable churches of Venice, such as the iconic Basilica di San Marco or the serene Chiesa del Giglio. Each hallowed space echoes with the spiritual depth and traditional rites that unite two souls, where I, your dedicated Venice Wedding Photographer, stand ready to immortalize these reverent exchanges with a touch of Intuitive Love Story Telling.

Both types of ceremonies—Civil And Religious Weddings—are milestones celebrated under the Venetian sky, from the grandeur of historic churches to the palatial splendor of Venice's town halls.

The most beautiful church In Venice for your wedding

In Venice, the choice of churches for a religious wedding is vast, each offering its own history, art, and atmosphere. Here’s an exhaustive list of churches where weddings can be celebrated religiously in Venice:

Basilica di San Marco (St Mark’s Basilica), Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Santa Maria della Salute, San Giorgio Maggiore, San Pietro di Castello, Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Chiesa di San Zaccaria, Chiesa di Santa Maria Formosa, Chiesa di San Giovanni in Bragora, Chiesa di San Polo, Chiesa di San Simeon Piccolo, Chiesa di San Rocco, Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo (San Zanipolo), Chiesa di Santo Stefano, Chiesa di Santa Lucia, Chiesa di San Sebastiano, Chiesa di San Giacomo di Rialto, Chiesa di San Geremia, Chiesa di Santo Spirito, Chiesa della Madonna dell'Orto, Chiesa di Santa Maria del Giglio (Santa Maria Zobenigo), Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli, Chiesa di San Vidal, Chiesa della Pietà (Santa Maria della Visitazione), Chiesa di San Stae (Sant’Eustachio), Chiesa di San Cassiano, Chiesa di San Nicolò dei Mendicoli, Chiesa di San Pantalon, Chiesa di San Felice, Chiesa di San Vio.
Each church in Venice tells a unique story through its architecture, sacred art, and centuries of spiritual tradition. Couples looking to celebrate their wedding in a religious ceremony will find in each of these historical edifices a profound sense of the divine, coupled with the breathtaking beauty for which Venice is renowned.

what a typical day as Wedding photographer might involve

As a Venice wedding photographer, a day's work is diverse, dynamic, and deeply immersive, requiring a blend of technical skill, artistic vision, and intuitive perception. Here’s what a typical day might involve:

. Preparation and Planning : Before the wedding day, I ensure all equipment is charged, cleaned, and packed. This includes cameras, lenses, memory cards, and backup gear. I review the day's schedule and scout locations if necessary, making sure I’m familiar with the ceremony and reception venues.

. Early Arrival : Arriving early at the venue, I start by capturing detail shots—rings, attire, invitations, and decorations—elements that set the scene for the day.

. Getting Ready Photos: The intimate moments of the bride and groom preparing are essential. I focus on candid emotions, capturing the anticipation, the fine details of their attire, and interactions with family and friends.

. First Look (if applicable) : Not all couples opt for a 'first look', but if they do, I coordinate and capture this emotional pre-ceremony meeting.

. Ceremony Shots : Here, I am unobtrusive yet omnipresent, capturing the procession, the exchange of vows, the first kiss, and the reactions of the couple and guests. In Venice, whether it’s in a historic church or beside the Grand Canal, each setting demands an awareness of light and composition to do justice to the surroundings.

. Formal Portraits : Post-ceremony, I organize and shoot formal portraits with the newlyweds and their families, balancing efficiency with the need for photos that feel natural and lively.

. Couple’s Session : This is when I take the couple around Venice’s iconic spots (or lesser-known gems) for their portrait session. It requires a deep understanding of lighting, timing, and Venice's landscapes to capture the couple amidst the city’s beauty.

. Reception and Party : The remainder of the evening involves capturing the speeches, toasts, dancing, and candid moments of joy and revelry. As the festivities unfold, I stay alert to the spontaneous and emotional moments that define the celebration.

. Sunset and Night Shots : Venice transforms as the sun sets and lights begin to twinkle along the canals. I seize the opportunity for some evocative night shots of the couple against this romantic backdrop.

. Backup and Preview : Back at my studio, the immediate task is to backup all photographs taken during the day. I might also prepare a few preview images for the couple, offering them a quick glimpse into the day’s memories.

Throughout the day, I navigate the labyrinth of Venice’s alleys and canals, constantly adjusting to the changing light, moving from intimate indoor spaces to majestic outdoor settings. Being a Venice wedding photographer blends athleticism with artistry; it’s about being as prepared for a brisk walk to the next location as for an unexpected, beautiful moment unfolding before the lens.

Galery of Venice wedding photography

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