For more than fifteen centuries Venice has been fighting against the wind and the tides. It holds its strength from the men who created it, it draws its serenity in the nature to which it belongs.
When the mist rises, the serene, empty, icy cold comes out of its case and turns into a fairy dream.
Whether you lose yourself on the side of Punta della Dogana or Saint Helena, the spectacle that presents itself before our eyes, at dawn under the mist, is breathtaking.
It is a chance for the photographer that I am collecting these magical images offered so generously by this eternal city of beauty

Art photography of Venice

Fashion Blogger : @florafoltz

Florence Aseult-Undomiel.
Danseuse et Performeuse , Modèle et créations costumes, créatrice et administratrice  à Florence-Aseult-Création d'Enluminure
Études : Enluminure et calligraphie à institut supérieur européen de l'enluminure et du manuscrit.
Renseignement shooting modèle à Venise : Laure Jacquemin

Venetian model photoshoot

Venice is a wonder every day of the year, but during the Carnival it also becomes a stage upon which hundreds of performers turn their fantasies into reality. Imagine, if you will, being transported to an enchanted land, inhabited by charming and mysterious characters who move with grace and elegance.

Carnival art photography

Geoffrey Humphries is the most renowned figurative painter who lives and lives in Venice today; He gained an international reputation as a master of live painting and drawing, portraits, watercolors of Venetian scenes and expressionist fantasies that revolve around the world of cabaret.

Portrait of an Artist

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Laure Jacquemin

via cardinale Massaia 34 

VENEZIA, 30172


P. IVA 02814150302

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