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Venice under the acqua alta the 15th of November 2019.

Photographic reportage by Laure Jacquemin

The aqua alta reached 1.54 meters in height three days after being devastated by record floods (1.87).

St. Mark's Square was submerged by the waters and closed to the public.

These exceptional tides have been more and more regular in recent decades.

The Venetians are worried about the consequences of global warming. Strong winds, more frequent with the climatic disturbance reinforce the tides.

Churches, shops, museums and hotels have been invaded by the waters.

The water arrives, then it retires but the sea salt corrupts the marble, the base of the columns, ...

Unesco has called for speeding up projects aimed at safeguarding Venice.

The MOSE project launched in 2003 has been repeatedly delayed ...



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