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Engagement session in Venice.

A boy kneels in front of his lover asking her to marry him in front of the Rialto

Approach to Engagement Sessions in Venice

Documentary and Portraits

I approach an engagement session in Venice the same way I do weddings: with a mostly documentary approach coupled with natural portraits.

Planning a Private Photo Walking Tour

A private photo walking tour can be planned with me that is customized to your specific interests and requests.

My Photography Style

Natural and Artistic

My style of photography is both natural and artistic. I create photography with feeling and emotion.

Intuitive Work to Tell the Story

I work intuitively, capturing everything that comes up spontaneously to tell the story.

Understanding the Couple

Capturing Beautiful Moments

My job is to capture each beautiful moment.

Understanding Couple's Personality

I also have to understand the personality of the couple, their energy, and emotions.

Immortalizing Intense Moments

To read people's hearts, capture that moment of immense intensity, and immortalize it forever, I must be responsive, and take care of their wants and needs.

My Portrait Photography Work

Love for Open Spaces and Natural Light

In my portrait photography work, I love using open spaces, natural light, and outdoor locations.

If my work strikes a chord with you and you'd like me to be a part of your magical journey, I'd love to hear from you! Reach out to me, and together, let's make your engagement an unforgettable chapter of your love story.

Photography @laure_jacquemin



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