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Venice art photography

Iconic View of San Giorgio Maggiore Island Through a Misty Haze

Welcome to the evocative world of Laure Jacquemin, your artisan of memories and magic through the lens in Venice.

Immersed in the allure of this floating city, I craft stories of love and dreams with every shutter click. My heart beats in unison with the rhythms of Venice, from the whispering vows of marriage to the intimate promises of a proposal. Yet, beyond the embrace of lovers, my camera and I seek the silent poetry in the city’s soul.

Each day, I breathe in the city's artistry, capturing its veiled splendor.

The mist—a soft veil over Venice—is my muse. In these moments, when the sun's rays dance through the ethereal haze, the magic unfolds. It’s as if the city, draped in this mystical shroud, reveals its most intimate secrets. This magic, this interplay of light and mist, is where timelessness and enchantment touch the canvas of reality. Here, we step into another realm—a place suspended between dream and existence, where the essence of Venice is distilled into pure, mesmerizing beauty.

In my gallery, you're cordially invited to wander through this other dimension, where each image is a bridge to a world both profound and removed from the ordinary.

It's the magic of Venice that I am passionate about capturing, and sharing this wonder with you is my life's greatest joy. Discover the lure of Venice through my eyes—where every photograph is not just a picture, but a doorway to the extraordinary.

Gondolas Faintly Visible Through Dense Venetian Fog

Discover the Soul of Venice Through Extraordinary Imagery

Venice, the city of canals, where the harmonious blend of history, art, and water create a composition so sublime it can only be described as a visual symphony. Laure Jacquemin, a maestro in the art of photography, invites you to experience this symphony with a collection that captures the essence of Venice's ethereal beauty.

Each photograph by Laure is a testament to her passion for the city's dramatic history and her deep understanding of its cultural significance. As a connoisseur of art and a resident historian, Laure's works are more than just photographs - they are the stories of Venice, etched in light and shadow.

Embrace the Venice Experience

The allure of the gondolas gliding gracefully through the emerald waters, the dance of light on ancient brickwork at dawn, the serene majesty of the Grand Canal - all are immortalized in Laure's stunning captures. Whether it’s the vibrant energy of the Piazza San Marco or the quiet, reflective corners of secluded pathways, each image beckons you to delve deeper into the Venetian experience.

Curated Collection for the Discerning Eye

Laure Jacquemin’s Venice collection offers an exclusive selection of limited edition prints, each imbued with the spirit of this romantic city. These are not just photographs; they are gateways to moments in time, preserved forever through Laure's discerning eye. Owning a piece from this collection means possessing a fragment of Venice's soul, artfully frozen in time.

Silhouettes of Salute Church Emerging from the Mist

Invest in Timeless Elegance

For those who appreciate the finer things, for the collectors and the art enthusiasts, Laure's Venice collection is an opportunity to invest in timeless elegance. Each piece promises to not only enhance the aesthetic of any space but also to become a cherished possession that grows more precious with time.

Connect with Venice's Magic

Step into Laure Jacquemin's gallery and connect with the magic of Venice. Let these masterpieces inspire you, move you, and take you on a journey to the beating heart of one of the world's most enchanting cities.

Surrender to the charm of Venice — where every photograph owns a piece of history, every print tells a story, and every purchase is an invitation to keep the romance alive.

A gondola in the canal grande of Venice.

Venice Film Festival

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