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Family from the United States: A Vacation Photoshoot with Me in Venice

Capture the magic of your family vacation in Venice with a professional photo session. I specialize in creating beautiful memories that you will cherish forever. Join me for an unforgettable hour-long photoshoot at sunrise in the iconic St. Mark's Square.

Parents and children smiling together in the Piazzetta

One-Hour Photoshoot at Sunrise in St. Mark's Square

Why Sunrise is the Best Time

Starting your photoshoot at sunrise ensures you get the best light and the least crowded conditions. The soft, golden light of the morning enhances the beauty of Venice and creates a perfect atmosphere for capturing stunning photos.

Iconic Locations Covered

During the one-hour session, we'll cover the most scenic and iconic spots in St. Mark's Square, including:

St. Mark's Basilica

Capture the magnificent façade of this historic church with your family standing proudly in front.

Family posing in front of St. Mark's Basilica at sunrise

The Piazzetta

This smaller square adjacent to St. Mark's Square offers beautiful views of the lagoon and the Campanile.

Parents and children smiling together in the Piazzetta san Marco

The Arcades

The elegant arcades surrounding the square provide a stunning backdrop for timeless photos.

Family walking under the elegant arcades of St. Mark's Square

The Mole

The waterfront area known as the Mole gives you the opportunity to capture Venice's iconic canals and gondolas.

Parents and children laughing together with the lagoon in the background

The Bridge of Sighs

We'll also take memorable photos in front of the famous Bridge of Sighs, adding a touch of Venetian romance to your family album.

The Magic of Family Unity and Harmony

Precious Memories Captured

Our photoshoot will focus on capturing the unity and harmony of your family. These precious memories will be beautifully preserved, showcasing a happy period in your lives against the magnificent backdrop of Venice.

Timeless Keepsakes

The photos taken during this session will become timeless keepsakes, allowing you to relive the joy and happiness of your Venetian vacation for years to come.

Children playing near the arches of the Piazzetta

Frequently Asked Questions about Photoshoots in Venice

What Should We Wear?

Choose comfortable yet stylish clothing that complements the historic and romantic ambiance of Venice. Avoid overly bright colors and patterns.

How Long is the Session?

The session lasts for one hour, starting at sunrise to ensure the best lighting and fewer crowds.

Can We Choose Other Locations?

Yes, we can customize the session to include other scenic spots in Venice, but keep in mind that the one-hour time frame may limit the number of locations.

What Happens if it Rains?

In case of bad weather, we can reschedule the session for another day or adjust the timing to find a window of better weather.

How Soon Will We Get Our Photos?

You will receive the edited photos within two weeks of the session. I ensure each photo is carefully retouched to capture the best moments.

Parents and children standing together under the arches of the Piazzetta

Book Your Session for your Family vacation photoshoot in venice

Don't miss the opportunity to capture your family's vacation in Venice with a professional photoshoot. CONTACT ME today to schedule your one-hour sunrise session and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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