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Maxim and Clémence's pre-wedding photoshoot in Venice, Italy.

couple in a water taxi on the Canal Grande, Venice.

A Pre-Wedding photoshoot Experience in Venice

Immerse yourself in a world of romance and timeless elegance with an unforgettable pre-wedding photo shoot in Venice, Italy. The city of waterways and grand palaces serves as a picturesque backdrop, casting a serene glow on the newlyweds, making every moment an unforgettable visual spectacle.

Whether it's capturing an intimate moment on a gondola coursing through the magical waterways, sharing laughter in the historic Piazza San Marco, or creating timeless memories under the gentle Italian sun against the backdrop of the Doge palaces, your photographer documents every emotion, every shared glance, every touch, resonating with love and joy.

Maxim and Clémence’s pre-wedding photo shoot

Maxim and Clémence’s pre-wedding photoshoot in Venice began in the luxurious ambiance atop the Gritti Palace, where the couple’s love was captured against the sweeping vistas of Venice. Inside the Gritti, the Salone’s opulent decor provided a rich contrast to the rooftop's expansive skyline.

Their journey continued as they glided in a private taxi along the Canal Grande. Water reflections danced around them, framing their smiles, as they passed beneath the iconic Rialto Bridge. The taxi paused at the secluded Campo Remer, offering a moment of quiet intimacy amidst the city’s liveliness.

The couple then alighted at San Giorgio Maggiore, where the silhouette of San Marco created a breathtaking backdrop for their love. Golden hour bathed the two in a warm embrace as they boarded a gondola, whispering sweet nothings amidst the serene canals.

Concluding the session, Maxim and Clémence arrived at the Piazza San Marco, where twilight hues set a dramatic stage. The Florian Terrace offered one final scene: an enchanting view over the Piazza where the couple's journey was immortalized in time, encapsulating the radiant beginning of their forever.

Laure Jacquemin, your photographer in venice.

This experience is about crafting a timeline of love, preserving your moments of joy infused with the enigmatic charm of Venice. Ultimately, each photograph serves as a treasured keepsake, a bridge back to the beautiful beginnings of your journey as a married couple.

Make your dream a reality, Contact me to organize your unforgettable photoshoot in Venice.

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