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Professional photographer for your symbolic wedding ceremonies in Venice.

Capture Your Love in the Timeless Elegance of Ca' Sagredo's Music Room

Newlyweds share an romantic moment in the grand halls of Ca' Sagredo Palace, surrounded by its opulent decorations and rich Venetian history.

A Celebration of Love in the Heart of Venice with a photographer of symbolic wedding Venice

Imagine the warmth of timeless music echoing through the opulent Music Room at Ca' Sagredo Hotel as you exchange vows in a private and symbolically rich ceremony. As an expert photographer specializing in symbolic wedding ceremonies in Venice, I am here to encapsulate every precious moment of your special day.

Your Story Told Through the Lens

Creating Personalized Photography Experiences

Every couple's story is unique, and my approach—as Laure Jacquemin—begins with understanding your vision. I immerse myself in your narrative, personalities, and preferences to tailor a photographic experience that is intimate, personal, and reflective of your love.

The Majestic Ca' Sagredo Palace: Where History Meets Romance

The Perfect Backdrop for Your Wedding Ceremony

The grandeur of Ca' Sagredo Palace, with its sumptuous decor and rich historical ambiance, presents more than just a venue. It's the canvas for your love, offering opulent halls and romantic corners where each photo becomes a testament to elegance and affection.

A Venetian Adventure: From Grand Canals to Quiet Intimacies

Water Taxi Ride to San Giorgio Maggiore

Post-ceremony, our photographic journey takes us through Venice's lifeblood—the Grand Canale—aboard a classic water taxi. Here I capture the duality of your love: serene amidst the vitality of Venice, crafting visuals of whispered affections and quiet laughter with the city's grandeur as our backdrop.

The Ethereal Charm of San Giorgio Maggiore

Atmospheric Portraiture Amidst Serenity

Upon arriving at the tranquil island of San Giorgio Maggiore, I harness the blissful lighting, the serene surroundings, and the magnificent views of the church and lagoon to craft portraits that enshrine your joy and love in every frame.

Moments of Romance in San Marco Square

The Vivid Heartbeat of Venice

As the narrative of your wedding day unfolds, San Marco Square lends its historic splendor and dynamic spirit to the story. I aim to capture photographs that breathe with romantic opulence—each shared look, each gentle embrace, enhancing the narrative of your love.

Your Love Story, Narrated Through Images

Passionate Documentation Against Venice's Captivating Backdrop

Through my lens, I commit to documenting your journey against the magical tapestry of Venice. Each smile, each affectionate glance, celebrating the unique connection between you, becomes part of a larger love story told through photographs that are alive with emotion and imbued with memories.

The Perfect Picture: A Quest for Perfection in Every Frame

From the magnificence of Ca' Sagredo Palace to the vibrant allure of San Marco Square, your wedding images epitomize the enchanting fusion of your union and Venice's unrivaled beauty. These are not just pictures; they are a visual symphony of your love story's most heartfelt moments.

Let's Create Your Legacy of Love

Your Venetian Wedding Awaits

If my photographic style—a blend of intimacy, grandeur, and the quintessence of Venetian romance—resonates with you, please reach out. Together, let's create timeless memories of your symbolic wedding ceremony in Venice that you will cherish for a lifetime.

For inquiries and bookings, contact Laure Jacquemin Photography, and let your love story be told through captivating images that celebrate the essence of Venice and the magic of your wedding day.

Photography @laure_jacquemin