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Wedding Photographer at Ca' Sagredo in Venice

A Marriage Story Crafted by Excellence

Newlyweds standing hand-in-hand on Ca' Sagredo’s  ballroom, surrounded by renaissance art and the warmth of candlelight.

Introducing Laure Jacquemin: Wedding Photographer at Ca' Sagredo in Venice

I'm Laure Jacquemin, your dedicated wedding photographer at Ca’ Sagredo in Venice. Known for the elegance of my photographic narrative, I am committed to creating a symphony of images that will become the timeless story of your nuptials. Choosing me to capture your special day ensures that you'll have a magical collection of moments to cherish forever.

Iconic Elegance of Ca’ Sagredo

The Luxurious Backdrop for Your Wedding

Ca' Sagredo, with its storied walls and regal atmosphere, provides a stunning canvas for your wedding story. As a professional photographer, I am attuned to the grandeur and ambiance this remarkable location offers and how to best make it the grand stage of your lifelong memories.

Mastering Photographic Artistry in Venice

Knowing Venice Inside Out

Living in Venice equips me with an intimate knowledge of this captivating city. I understand the quaint streets, the majestic architecture, and the cultural heartbeat that makes Venice unique. This familiarity allows me to organize your photoshoot with precision, capturing the essence of your love against the breathtaking backdrop of Venice.

Perfect Timing for Perfect Light

I also recognize the importance of capturing your moments in the perfect light, free from the hustle of the crowd. By understanding the most opportune moments for photography, I ensure that every click of the shutter elevates the beauty of the scene, crafting imagery that feels as if it's plucked from a dream.

Capturing Emotions, One Frame at a Time

The Emotional Journey Through Venice

Through my lens, I’m adept at seizing even the most fleeting and tender moments: the emotion behind a smile, the romance of a kiss under the arcades of San Marco square or against the backdrop of San Giorgio Maggiore, the liberating sensation of the bride and groom as they cruise the Grand Canal in a taxi boat.

Venice's Enchanting Beauty

Whether it's your wedding, a surprise proposal, or an intimate elopement, Venice's beauty will leave you in awe. From solemn vows in its historic churches, the exclusive Palazzo Cavalli, or within the walls of a centuries-old palace, the city on the lagoon is home to an array of incredible venues.

Your Dream Wedding, Eternally Captured

Marrying in the World's Romance Capital

There's no place quite like Venice to exchange your wedding vows. It is the quintessential romantic city, offering a multitude of picturesque scenes for your love story to unfold. As your photographer, I will be there to document every joyous, emotional, and resplendent aspect of this exciting new chapter in your life.

Let's begin the journey together, where I, Laure Jacquemin, weave the visual narrative of your wedding day at Ca' Sagredo. Connect with me, and we will immortalize your union with photographs that speak of love, artistry, and the eternal charm of Venice.