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Greec Orthodox Wedding at the Church of San Giorgio dei Greci.

A heartfelt wedding ceremony unfolds in the historic Orthodox church, San Giorgio dei Greci, in Venice.
A heartfelt wedding ceremony unfolds in the historic Orthodox church, San Giorgio dei Greci, in Venice.

Celebrating a Greek Orthodox wedding at the historic Church of San Giorgio dei Greci in Venice is truly magical.

I had the honor of capturing the intimate moments of this beautiful couple as they exchanged their vows in this exceptional setting. Their love and commitment echoed in the sacred hall, adding to the rich history of the church.

But the joy didn't end there. The much-awaited moment arrived as the couple's daughter was baptized just after the wedding. Emotions ran high as their little one marked her first spiritual milestone in the quaint Venetian sanctuary.

This ceremony held immense significance, linking the child to the traditions of the Greek Orthodox faith while taking place in Venice, which represented the blending of cultures that enriched her heritage.

The church resonated with the joyful sounds of blessings and prayers as the toddler was baptized in a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony.

In the city of canals, love and faith intertwined to create an unforgettable day for this wonderful family. As your Venice wedding photographer, I am here to encapsulate these precious moments for you to relive and cherish forever.

The Church of San Giorgio dei Greci is an integral part of Venice's rich history and cultural diversity, located in the Castello sestiere of Venice, was constructed in the 16th century and holds the distinction of being the first Greek Orthodox church in the city. It was built to serve the Venetian Republic's significant Greek community, which had been growing since the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

The church is best known for its leaning campanile, a characteristic it shares with several other Venetian churches due to the city's unstable subsoil. Despite this, it boasts a remarkable facade designed in Renaissance style, adorned with a row of arches and a central entrance portico.

Inside, you'll find an array of stunning icons, characteristic of Orthodox churches, and a richly decorated iconostasis brought from the island of Crete. Its ceiling is beautifully painted with images of the sky and angels, adding to its spiritual ambiance.

The church also houses the Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and post-Byzantine Studies in Venice.

Hosting a wedding or christening at the Church of San Giorgio dei Greci undoubtedly lends an air of historic charm and timeless elegance to the occasion. The combination of the venue's unique architectural details and its rich history creates an enchanting atmosphere, perfect for marking life's most precious moments.

The Church became the spiritual and cultural hub for Greeks in Venice, playing a significant role in maintaining Greek identity, customs, and Orthodox traditions in a largely Roman Catholic environment.

Mirella and Kons continued their celebration at the prestigious Centurion Palace, arriving in style via a classic wooden taxi through the Grand Canal. Skimming the water's surface on Venice's main waterway, they watched historic palaces and vibrant local life twinkle by before idyllically docking at their reception venue.

Nestled between the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute and Peggy Guggenheim's collection sits the Centurion Palace, a mesmerizing blend of old and new. There, their union was celebrated with close friends and family in an ambiance that echoed their love, accompanied by the captivating rhythm of the Venetian waterways.

The Centurion Palace, with its unique blend of classic Venetian architecture and contemporary interior design, set a stunning stage for the reception. Stunning views of the Grand Canal created a magnificent backdrop, imbuing the event with a sense of Venetian grandeur.

If the images captured and the passion behind them resonate with you, I would be delighted to be part of your journey. Please feel free to contact me. Together, we can create beautiful memories that reflect your story, your moments, your joy. Let's frame your special occasions into timeless pieces of art. Can't wait to hear from you and looking forward to capturing your magical moments!

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