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bride and groom kissing in front of the lagoon at san marco square.

Wedding & Engagement Photography in venice Italy

Welcome to my website! If you're searching for the Venice photographer in Italy who's just right for you, you've come to the perfect place. Venice is a city of romance, history, and unparalleled beauty, and capturing its essence requires not just a camera, but an artist's eye and a storyteller's soul.

Whether you're planning to commemorate your love with a stunning engagement or wedding shoot, seeking to immortalize the joy of your family vacation, or needing to add the Venetian allure to your fashion line, I'm here to craft the visual narrative you're dreaming of. With years of experience navigating the enchanting streets and canals of Venice, I know exactly where and how to create those once-in-a-lifetime shots that you'll treasure forever.

So explore, dream, and discover what I can bring to your Venetian adventure. Let's create something beautiful together!


I' am a dedicated photographer residing in the heart warming embrace of Venice, Italy. With a passion for capturing the soul of this city through my lens, I specialize in bringing to life the special moments of weddings, engagements, elopements, and creating timeless portraits. My distinct advantage lies in a keen eye for the nuanced details and an intimate understanding of Venice’s captivating interplay of light and scenery.

Each project I undertake is a new narrative waiting to be told, deeply personal yet resonating with universal emotions. My work is a tribute to the undeniable beauty and romantic spirit of Venice, yet it's the subtle, intimate moments that truly define the essence of my photographs. I navigate through the city’s labyrinth with ease, uncovering hidden corners and secret vistas that present the perfect canvas for my photography.
I'm fluent in English, French, and Italian, and she is passionate about creating images that truthfully narrate your unique story in an honest and inspiring manner.
Whether you are planning a grand wedding or a more intimate elopement, my dedication to my craft ensures that your memories will be preserved in the most beautiful way possible.

couple in taxi Photographers in Venice during their wedding


I weave my love for Venice into every photograph I take, specializing in capturing life's milestones and heartfelt moments. Here’s a glimpse into my skill set across various photography services:

I focus on capturing every intricate detail and sweepingly romantic moment of a couple's wedding day, set against the incomparable Venetian backdrop.


I curate the perfect scene to reflect each couple's unique bond, ensuring the excitement and promise of their union come alive against the city's stunning backdrop.

I master the art of anticipation and discretion, poised to capture the genuine surprise and joy of that pivotal question in the most captivating Venetian locales.


I embrace the intimacy and spontaneity of each couple's secret exchange of vows, telling their story with sensitivity and a touch of Venetian magic.


I become the couple's companion, discreetly documenting the new chapter of their love story amidst the romantic allure of Venice’s winding canals and quiet alleys.


I infuse warmth and joy into every frame, crafting a visual anthology that families will cherish as an eternal testament to their time spent together in this city of dreams.


I pay homage to lasting love and shared journeys, capturing the renewing of promises and the celebration of time spent together, all within the enchanting embrace of Venice.


I guide lone adventurers through Venice's maze of beauty, capturing their spirit and the essence of their independent journey through my lens.

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Two persons kissing just engaged under rialto bridge at venice Italy
A bride and a groom stand up together in the center of a palace room full of flowers.
luxury wedding in a garden in venice
A wedding couple holding hands and looking at each other in front of the grand canal from the riviera of san Giorgio Maggiore.

How does it work


You love my photographic style and you want to work with me

1. Contact me : Reach out to mevia their website, email, or WhatsApp. Discuss your vision, expectations, and specific requirements for the shoot. This is also the time to inquire about pricing, packages, and availability.

2. Plan : Once you agree to work together, you'll often have a more detailed conversation or planning session. You might discuss locations, wardrobe, themes, and the overall feel you want in your photos.

3. Meet : Arrive at the agreed-upon location on the day of the shoot, ready to have your photos taken. The photographer will coach you through poses and settings to get the best shots.

4. Download : After the shoot, the photographer will typically edit the photos and send you a link to download the high-resolution images.

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